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iHeartRadio Canada now boasts more than 250,000 podcasts available for listeners to stream on the app and at

The news officially makes the streaming service the leading podcast and audio provider in Canada.

The expansion offers a variety of new podcasts on topics including politics, comedy, food, true crime, and the instantly popular new podcast from Chelsea Handler entitled LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME, which dropped last month. These 250,000 podcasts join the list of more than 1,000 live radio stations also available on the app.

“We’re very excited about our podcast, and the only person more excited than we are is Cameraman Glen, who literally does not have to do anything when we record them,” said Jay Onrait, Host, THE JAY AND DAN PODCAST. “Long live podcasting – a guaranteed vacation for camera-persons everywhere.”

“Podcasting is such a fun way to engage with fans beyond our TV show,” said Dan O’Toole, Host, THE JAY AND DAN PODCAST. “It’s like we’re gently whispering into listeners’ ears…wherever they may be.”

Listeners can now navigate podcasts through newly added podcast charts, subscribe to push notifications to alert them when their favourite podcasts drops, and receive curated recommendations based on the music, stations, and other podcasts they enjoy.

The robust collection of podcasts streaming on the iHeartRadio Canada app and at also contain Bell Media Original podcasts including THE JAY AND DAN PODCAST, THE BUSINESS OF LIFE, VERONIQUE ET LES FANTASTIQUES, OVERDRIVE, and THE HAPPY TIMES, as well as some of the most-talked about podcasts in pop culture including THE RON BURGUNDY PODCAST, CONAN O’BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND, DISGRACELAND, and ARMCHAIR EXPERT WITH DAX SHEPARD.

iHeartRadio is available on a wide variety of connected devices — including smart speakers, digital auto dashes, tablets, wearables, smartphones, and televisions.