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CNN Sees Continued Global Online Success

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CNN’s digital audience continued to outpace all competitors again in October 2019, according to data from both Adobe Analytics and Comscore.

According to Adobe Analytics, CNN’s global digital audience in October 2019 was 306 million, the third highest month ever for unique visitors and up 10% YoY.

Data from Comscore, which puts out a monthly competitive report, mirrored the high traffic seen in Adobe data, reporting CNN’s digital audience in the US in October 2019 was 132 million unique visitors and 114 million mobile unique visitors. Data across sources illustrates that more people are getting their news online from CNN than any other outlet.

CNN also passed the BBC again in international audience, holding its position as the #1 global digital news brand in September 2019 (September data is the most current available). On the domestic front, CNN showed its strength again as the #1 digital news outlet in October in the key categories of multi-platform unique visitors, mobile unique visitors, multi-platform video starts (September 2019), millennial unique visitors, social audience and political unique visitors, continuing its long streak of success.

CNN brought in a larger global audience than any other news platform on the planet, with 169 million unique multi-platform visitors in September 2019 (data most current available), 14 million more than second place BBC and 49 million more than third place Yahoo News.

CNN posted 132 million unique multi-platform visitors domestically – 30 million more unique visitors than second-place Fox News. October 2019 also marked CNN’s 29th month in a row of an audience of more than 100 million unique visitors.

Mobile audiences on CNN platforms continued to top 100 million in October with 114 million mobile unique visitors – 27 million more mobile users than second-place Daily Mail and 28 million more than third-place Fox News.

Continuing its reign as the #1 digital video news source, CNN again ranked as #1 in September 2019 with 542 million multi-platform video starts, generating 210 million more video starts than its nearest competitor Yahoo News.

CNN ranked as the #1 news outlet in Millennial unique multi-platform visitors (between the ages of 18-34) with 33 million in October 2019.

With both the public impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump and the 2020 campaign ramping up, CNN sustained its #1 rank in political news with 51 million multi-platform unique visitors in October and 44 million mobile unique visitors. CNN Politics has remained the #1 online political news outlet since March 2015 when the first person declared their candidacy for president in the 2016 race.

CNN has ranked as the number one social news outlet in the US for more than six years with more fans and followers than any other competitor.