CNN & iHeartRadio Launch Election Podcast

CNN & iHeartRadio Launch Election Podcast

CNN and iHeartRadio have announced Election 101 – a new co-produced podcast that demystifies the American political system while offering a unique perspective on the inner workings of the electoral process.

Hosted by CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes, Election 101 answers questions that are weighing heavy on the minds of Americans as we approach this unprecedented Presidential election.

Each episode of this 10-part series serves as an explainer for listeners who may be overwhelmed by our current political environment, while offering a “back-to-basics” narrative that explains the stakes and consequences of our long-standing institutions and how they play into American elections, including: the two-party system, mail-in voting, voter security, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, political conventions, and campaign finance.

Election 101 also explores other crucial issues that will inform the 2020 election season, including Medicare for All, climate change, student debt, gun control, immigration, income inequality, trade deals and the Supreme Court.

Whether you’re a political novice or longtime expert, Election 101 will bring something new and vital to the collective understanding of the US election process.

The first episode is now available across CNN Audio and iHeartRadio digital platforms, on mobile devices via the CNN and iHeartRadio apps and everywhere podcasts are heard. Subsequent episodes will be released every Wednesday and are distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network.

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