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Sky UK is offering its broadband customers fast and reliable WiFi in every room with the introduction of a new WiFi coverage guarantee as part of its Boost package.

As part of the offering, customers are guaranteed a strong, uninterrupted WiFi signal in every room of their home – which Sky promises is strong enough to stream their favourite shows, for example via Sky Go or on NOW TV or Netflix . Sky say that if their customers don’t currently get this, it would do everything it can to optimise their signal, and if it still match expectations, they’ll get their money back.

As well as benefiting from the WiFi guarantee, Sky’s “Boost” customers will also have their broadband line speeds proactively checked by Sky every day, alerting customers via a text message if Sky needs to fix anything, with access to engineer visits, including evenings and weekends, at no extra cost.

The new guarantee will offer peace of mind for busy households where every room has demanding WiFi needs – saving families from the frustration of living, working, streaming and gaming in those rooms with weak or no signal.

Aman Bhatti, Head of Propositions at Sky UK said; “WiFi Guarantee reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and technology that matches our customers’ evolving connectivity needs.

“The need for fast and reliable broadband that reaches every room is more important than ever before – but as you can’t physically see your WiFi signal, it can be difficult for most people to understand what makes it stronger or weaker. Our WiFi Guarantee, combined with the new Sky Hub, genuinely guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house – strong enough to stream movies and TV from Sky Go and Netflix – or your money back.”

WiFi Guarantee will arm Sky engineers with the tools to see how the signal is flowing in an individual home and help them show customers how to get the best signal in each room. Engineers can effectively ‘heat map’ WiFi around the home and look for unique problems, such as spotting a device which is using up a lot of bandwidth in the home.