RTÉ Launches New US election 2020 Podcast

Brian O’Donovan

RTÉ News has launched a new weekly podcast series, States of Minds, analysing all the drama from the US election against the backdrop of the Covid-10 pandemic.

Hosted by RTÉ’s Washington Correspondent Brian O’Donovan and RTÉ journalist Jackie Fox, this podcast will sort through the spin and misinformation of Election 2020 and shine a light on what’s happening on the ground in the States.

From celebrity endorsements to in-depth analysis, Brian and Jackie will be a trusted source for all the twists and turns in the race to the White House. Who will the Democrats choose as their great white hope? Can Donald Trump triumph again? And who’s messages are ringing true with the US voter?

Brian and Jackie will interview politicians and political commentators from both the Democrat and Republican sides of the house to give Irish listeners a real insight into how the US public will vote and they will analyse the issues that could affect Ireland.

In a bonus episode available now, States of Mind meets former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney who is on his way to Northern Ireland as the US Special Envoy.

RTÉ’s Washington Correspondent Brian O’Donovan said: “I’m very excited to feed the Irish appetite for the cut and thrust of US politics with this podcast series – States of Mind with fellow journalist Jackie Fox. We won’t just report on the movements in this election campaign, we will look behind the news and interrogate sources and spin. I expect Election 2020 will be a rollercoaster like no other. With the Covid 19 crisis moving more of the campaigning online, there’s no telling how that will impact the race. But one thing is clear, the result of November‘s election will have consequences for the entire world.”

In the first episode, Brian and Jackie can’t shy away from the Covid-19 crisis. Under the microscope is the US response, how Donald Trump now sees himself as a ‘wartime president’ and the major effect it is having on the US election but also US life as the country has a difficult relationship with health insurance.

Also, as Bernie Sanders’ fight for the Democratic candidacy hangs in the balance, can he win his second attempt for the presidency against a man who has known him for four decades? Brian and Jackie will also interrogate how a campaign to oust him in favour of Joe Biden took shape in a matter of days rather than weeks.

States of Mind is published weekly on RTÉ.ie, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.