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Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, has shared details about its latest and wide-ranging original podcast slate for fall 2021, including a range of new Podcasts.

The upcoming season features six all-new original series across a range of genres, including a trilogy exploring strands of radical extremism in North America.

“This fall, we kick off with some heat with our ‘Red, White, Blue’ trilogy – a smart, curious in-depth look into subcultures of the radical right. The Flamethrowers explores how radio became an incendiary device that helped build the populist right; The Accelerationists examines the troubling rise of white supremacy; and Boys Like Me focuses on the shadowy online Incel culture of misogyny,” said Arif Noorani, Executive Producer, CBC Podcasts.

“Our talented team of producers, investigative journalists, authors, filmmakers and more helm the various series, taking us deep inside other worlds and delivering podcasts that are top of class on the world stage.”

CBC Podcasts’ fall 2021 line-up can be found on CBC Listen and everywhere podcasts are available.

CBC’s weekly radio show PODCAST PLAYLIST, highlighting a range of podcasts and interviews with hosts, also returns September 7. The new season will be hosted by Secret Life of Canada’s Leah-Simone Bowen.

From Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC Podcasts is a richly diverse collection of award-winning podcasts that engage, enlighten and entertain. CBC is the top-rated podcaster in Canada, reaching more Canadians than any other podcast publisher with millions of downloads each month and more than 35 series in genres such as true crime, comedy, human interest and audio fiction.