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Que História! (What A Story!), the first podcast series from BBC News Brazil, will deliver some of the most amazing stories covered by the BBC alongside specially commissioned reports.

The dynamic story-telling of the first season of Que História! is delivered in the best tradition of BBC radio and perfected for the podcast format. It is presented and produced by BBC News Brazil’s London-based journalist, Thomas Pappon.

Silvia Salek, Head of BBC News Brazil, says: “‘What a story!’ is a reaction we at the BBC have heard over and over again as we have brought spectacular, often simply incredible, stories. So with Que História! we are bringing together some of the most captivating ones, in a format that is getting ever so popular with our Brazilian audience – timeless stories from the past and the present, showcasing the best of BBC journalism.”

In The incredible story of D.B. Cooper, who hijacked a plane and escaped with a parachute and ransom, BBC News Brazil delves into one of the biggest mysteries in American criminal history, taking the listener through key testimonies and clues.

How I Met The Troll Whose Fake Post Changed My Life is the story of Monika Glennon, whose life was turned upside down because of a lie about her, spread through her personal contacts on the internet. Krakatoa: the eruption that the whole world felt relives one of the most awe-inspiring natural events ever witnessed. The Saga Of The Chilean Grandfather tells the story of a musician who rescued his seven grandchildren from a camp of ISIS orphans in Syria.

Each new episode of the inaugural ten-part series is published every Friday until 13th March.