WP BrandStudio Launches Immersive Audio Experience

The Washington Post

WP BrandStudio has launched a new immersive audio experience, expanding its storytelling capabilities for brands.

With this approach to audio, the studio is focused on building memorable and distinguishing campaigns for the travel and hospitality industry that go beyond establishing visual identities to add emotional value and connection.

Working with VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official tourism marketing corporation, the studio has created an interactive audio experience called “The Sounds of Florida.”

“Americans are investing more of their time with audio, listening an average of nearly four hours each day. We continue to explore immersive storytelling formats, just like The Post newsroom, to help elevate a brand’s message and drive engagement with that growing population,” said Denise Burrell-Stinson, Head of WP BrandStudio.

“For those craving a getaway or planning a visit to Florida, the program for VISIT FLORIDA showcases the state’s rich culture and views and puts the power in readers’ hands to create their own sound journey in a compelling, sensory experience.”

The program’s landing page presents readers with a highly visual and interactive way to virtually visit alluring corners of Florida.

By clicking on icons ranging from an open-air market in Little Havana to manatees at Three Sisters Springs, readers can be transported to Florida destinations through audio.

Multiple tracks can be selected for a layered listening experience.

Readers can also dive deeper into iconic locations to hear and learn more about the sounds signature to those sites.

“Florida is full of diverse landscapes, cultures, experiences and people that make up the unique sound of the Sunshine State, said VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO Dana Young. “We’re thrilled to partner with WP BrandStudio to allow readers to virtually vacation in Florida through their senses and hopefully entice them to visit Florida to create their own Florida soundtrack.”

Visit “The Sounds of Florida” experience here.