Cory Goldsmith presents his new Techno job “Almost A Reality”

Cory Goldsmith presents his new Techno job "Almost A Reality"

Introducing the electrifying pulse of the future: AYA Music Group proudly unveils its latest sonic venture, the cutting-edge techno label SYNAPSE, helmed by the dynamic duo Cory Goldsmith and Tuzson. Prepare to be transported to the edge of sonic possibility with SYNAPSE’s debut release, an invigorating two-track EP titled “Almost A Reality,” meticulously crafted by the visionary Cory Goldsmith.

Immerse yourself in the hypnotic cadence of these tracks as they weave intricate webs of grooving psychedelic rhythms, captivating the very essence of techno’s soul. With each beat, “Almost A Reality” thrusts listeners onto dance floors suffused with an electrifying surge of new energy. Cory Goldsmith’s masterful fusion of pulsating synths, infectious beats, and immersive textures creates a sensory journey that blurs the boundaries between the conceivable and the surreal.

Embark on a musical odyssey that bridges the gap between the mind and the dance floor, as SYNAPSE’s inaugural release sets the stage for a new era of techno exploration.

Out now, don’t miss it!


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