Coppe Cantrell Releases Powerful New Song “Keep Asking”

Coppe Cantrell Releases Powerful New Song "Keep Asking"

Coppe Cantrell is thrilled to announce the release of “Keep Asking,” the latest single by the talented singer-songwriter. Inspired by the powerful scripture from Matthew 7:7, the song delves into the profound message of seeking the guidance of God in all aspects of life.

In “Keep Asking,” Coppe Cantrell beautifully captures the essence of the verse, reminding listeners that through prayer, devotion, and reading the word of God, they can find answers to life’s greatest questions and challenges. With a heartfelt and soul-stirring delivery, Cantrell encourages us all to establish a meaningful relationship with God, allowing Him to reveal His wisdom and grace to us.

The song emphasizes the significance of spiritual growth and the quest for salvation while navigating the trials and tribulations of earthly existence. As Coppe Cantrell’s melodic voice brings this powerful message to life, “Keep Asking” serves as a reminder that seeking God’s presence can lead us to open doors, blessings, and a deeper understanding of our purpose.

“Keep Asking” seeks to inspire individuals to persevere in their journey of faith, as they aim to make it into the kingdom of God. The song reflects on the duality of earthly desires and spiritual aspirations, emphasizing the importance of God’s grace in sustaining us through life’s challenges.

With this compelling release, Coppe Cantrell displays not only her exceptional vocal talent but also her profound connection to the scriptures and her spiritual journey. “Keep Asking” is sure to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds, inviting them to reflect on their own spiritual path and seek God’s guidance and love.

Coppe Cantrell’s “Keep Asking” is now available on all major streaming platforms

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