Cooking Buddies series one programme information

Cooking Buddies series one programme information

New ten-part TV series Cooking Buddies sees Buddy Oliver and young guests swap skills as he shows them how to make simple meals and they show him something they’re good at – like basketball, ice skating or salsa dancing.

Buddy shares his passion for cooking and teaches his new friends how to make dishes such as spicy tomato pasta, pizza and crispy chicken. He also gives his guests and viewers helpful tips in everything from chopping techniques to ingredient swaps.

On Wednesday, Buddy and Conker meet Jackson, a young boxer who wants to learn a recipe that can pack a punch to keep his energy up! Buddy knows that Jackson loves a big stacked sandwich, so what better than a homemade fish finger sandwich topped with crunchy lettuce and a simple two ingredient delicious sauce, all packed into a soft bun?

Taking time out from the kitchen, Buddy is kept on his toes by Jackson as he gives him a lesson in boxing. Buddy learns to be light on his feet, throw a punch and read his opponent.

On Thursday, Buddy is joined by Aiyla, a black belt in karate, who loves food that has a kick. Buddy shows her how to make homemade pasta, tossed with a spicy tomato sauce all made from scratch with fresh ingredients in super simple steps. In return, Aiyla teaches Buddy some of the skills needed for karate, from balance to breathing to having power in his moves.

In Friday’s episode, Buddy gets a call from Sienna, a footballer who needs Buddy’s help. Her grandparents’ wedding anniversary is coming up and she wants to cook something to surprise them. They make their own dough, tomato sauce and choose their own toppings to make personalised pizzas (with faces!) that everyone will love. This time, Conker also has a playmate as Sienna brings her little pug, Bella with her.

Taking a break from their ‘Keepy Uppy Pizzas’, Sienna drills Buddy on the football pitch, challenging his fitness by racing him with parachutes on their backs, dribbling to test his control of the ball and learning to do rainbow flicks, before going into the ultimate penalty shootout.

With surprise appearances from the Oliver family, Cooking Buddies promises an engaging culinary adventure for young chefs and their families.

Buddy and friends are also joined in his den by the Oliver family dog, border collie Conker, who is voiced by actor and comedian John Sparkes.

The 10 x 20’ series was commissioned by Sarah Muller, Senior Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning 7+. Executive producers are Fiona Piper for the BBC and Samantha Beddoes for the Jamie Oliver Group.

Buddy’s recipes will be available after broadcast at

Episode two will be on CBBC and iPlayer 11 July at 6pm.

Episode three will be on CBBC and iPlayer 12 July at 6pm.

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