CONT4MIN4TED – This is the Way: An Alt-Electronica Journey for the Mind, Body, Soul

CONT4MIN4TED – This is the Way: An Alt-Electronica Journey for the Mind, Body, Soul

The Gainesville, GA Alt-Electronica producer, CONT4MIN4TED, took their listener on an expressively artful journey with their self-produced, mixed and mastered sophomore LP, This is the Way.

The 16 singles are assembled in immersive lineage, with little genre continuity; from dark trip hop to transcendent future house to synthpop to leftfield experimental ensembles, there’s a stylistic fluidity which drifts through the album.

The only consistency is the deeply visceral humanistic connection you will make with the life experiences visualised through sound and ephemerally scintillating vocal lines.

This is the Way will be available to stream on all major platforms from April 28.

For fans of Jes, Rufus Du Sol, and Portishead


This is the Way is my second LP, following the first, which allowed me to heal by letting go of my emotional baggage while learning how to write, produce and mix – something I never thought I could do. In retrospect, there was room for improvement, but rather than looking back I found the inspiration to release my second album, filled with resonance and zero constraints in terms of genre or mood. Emotions fluctuate, and so does my music.

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“This is the Way is cut up into cinematic slices of synthesised soul; even with the chillier tones and ethereal vocal lines, you won’t fail to find the impassioned warmth in the emotion and experience-driven soundtracks to vignettes that are universally shared. The album is enough to make you forgo your usual electronica playlists; it is a smorgasbord of constantly in-flux electronica ingenuity.”

A&R Factory

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