Composer RANDY EDELMAN Releases “Around the World in 80 Minutes” His New LIVE Album 3/15/24

Composer RANDY EDELMAN Releases “Around the World in 80 Minutes” His New LIVE Album 3/15/24

Composer and musical visionary RANDY EDELMAN will be unveiling his new LIVE album on March 15, 2024 entitled “Randy Edelman Around the World in 80 Minutes: A Live Solo Piano Song/Score Recording”, via Tribeca Records. The 20 track record tributes the highlights of his enormously successful sold-out performances presented the past 2 1/2 years in New York City and London.

This album is the climax of his circle of compassion exploring courage, empathy, vulnerability, romance, and other powerful human traits through his music, his lyrics and his sensibilities. It echoes the triumphs of his career lending a great historical significance and value to the times with songs like “A Weekend In New England” covered by Barry Manilow, “Isn’t it a Shame” recorded twice by Patti LaBelle, twice by hip hop artist Nelly, and Shirley Bassey, “You” covered by The Carpenters, “The Laughter & The Tears” recorded by Dionne Warwick, “If Love is Real”, recorded by Olivia Newton-John, and a festival of others.

For motion picture fans Randy also does medleys of some of his popular film and television scores which he is credited for creating over a hundred. Separated by comedy and drama some include the music from My Cousin Vinny, Ghostbusters ll,
Kindergarten Cop, Twins, While You We’re Sleeping, Beethoven, Billy Madison and more. On the serious side of the silver screen, he delves into the more sober side of his film career with The Bruce Lee Story, Dragonheart, Gettysburg, and Last of the Mohicans which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Randy’s own charted hit singles also appear on the album including his post pandemic anthem “Apres Covid” and his new global anthem “Everything is Possible.“ Those songs give us the silence we need to listen and the gray so we can see our own colors. He also includes one of his newest songs “Not By Any Conventional Means” and his very first hit “Uptown Uptempo Woman.”

Randy harnesses the forces of nature and the heart to gain complete mastery of his creative endeavors. His music is deliberate and unprecedented, and unafraid, with a conviction and benevolence powerful enough to make dreams come true. “When perception and sensitivity do meet, we feel empowered to create a colorful world and share a breathtaking experience”…..Erik Pevernagie

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