CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Reports from the Fringe in “MisinfoNation: The Trump Faithful” for The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper

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NEW YORK, NY – (April 23, 2024) – The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper, a CNN Original, returns with a deep dive into the surge of misinformation happening on Americans’ social media feeds, in their churches, and in their homes. “MisinfoNation: The Trump Faithful” with CNN Correspondent Donie O’Sullivan premieres Sunday, April 28 at 8pm ET/PT on CNN.

Just over six months out from the next presidential election, a battle for facts, decency, and democracy is playing out far from debate stages and TV studios. In “MisinfoNation,” O’Sullivan dives deep into this undercurrent of viral misinformation by speaking directly to those who believe in the conspiracy theories, and those who are trying to battle it.

“Conspiracy theories, that might have been considered fringe in the past, are having an increasingly important effect on the American political mainstream,” said O’Sullivan. “The convincing of millions of Americans to falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen has opened a gateway to an alternate reality of more conspiracy theorist – a world where it wasn’t really Trump supporters that attacked the Capitol on January 6, and a world where Taylor Swift can rig the Super Bowl.”

In “MisinfoNation,” O’Sullivan visits a church where scripture competes with QAnon, meets a January 6 felon who is now running for Congress, spends a day in the alternate reality of the Trump social media universe, goes behind the viral Taylor Swift Super Bowl conspiracy theory, and speaks to a Neo-Nazi skinhead turned pastor who has a warning for America about Christian Nationalism.

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