CNN Digital Launches Design for Impact Style Series

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Today, CNN launched a new series — Design For Impact — for CNN Digital’s Style section. 

With climate disasters and record-breaking conditions with extreme heat, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and floods displacing millions of people across the globe, the series will spotlight architectural solutions for communities displaced by these humanitarian emergencies.

It is clear there is no clear or imminent solution to curbing these events, yet, those displaced by these natural disasters need immediate solutions for their basic human needs.

To shed light onto this increasingly important issue, Design for Impact will highlight projects that are climate-resilient or providing relief to impacted communities right now. From hurricane-proof homes to temporary refugee shelters, these might not be the most elegant solutions, but they are easy to roll-out, practical and are often informed by what’s available locally.

The launch of this new Style series highlights how CNN Digital continues to cater to audiences as the #1 global digital news platform through diverse, feature content and will bring the best of CNN Digital’s content offerings through written, visual and video components.

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