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(New York, NY) – June 24, 2024 – CNN Audio announced today that CNN award-winning Anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King’s multiplatform project All Over the Map with John King will be featured as a three-episode podcast miniseries. New episodes will be available via The Assignment with Audie Cornish, as King transports listeners to battleground states to hear from voters that will be deciding the 2024 Presidential Election. The first episode is available now wherever you get your podcasts.

All Over the Map takes listeners on the campaign trail to the states that will decide the race to 270 electoral votes. The 2024 Presidential race is being called “the matchup that nobody wants” — and it’s the voters who are least happy with their choices who will decide the election. King has been crisscrossing the country talking to them — the swing voters in the states with the narrowest margins — and he’s learned no two of them are alike.

In the first episode, King analyzes the Republican hold out for Nikki Haley through the lens of two Republican Pennsylvania natives. In a time where our political landscape is more polarized than ever, hearing perspectives from voters across the country has never been more important.

“We started All Over the Map to track the campaign through the eyes and experiences of the voters who will settle who wins,” said King. “Everyday Americans are too often left out of the conversation. But we are learning so much as we visit them and the counties and towns that will be decisive come November. It’s a more thoughtful, more personal and more nuanced conversation than you get from the politicians.”

John King is CNN’s award-winning Anchor, Chief National Correspondent and an integral part of the network’s coverage of American government and politics. King joined CNN in May 1997 after 12 years at The Associated Press, the last six as its chief political correspondent. At CNN, King previously served as the anchor of CNN’s Inside Politics, a program featuring the top political stories sourced by the best reporters. Other CNN duties included 10 years covering the White House, serving as CNN’s senior White House correspondent from 1999 to 2006. For the 2024 presidential cycle, King will also play a prominent role in CNN’s coverage of major events, including debates, primary and caucus nights, the nominating conventions, and Election Night. He will continue to lead the CNN “Magic Wall” coverage, an innovation first introduced in 2008 and central to the network’s election coverage since.

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