Cloud Returns Bigger Than Ever With “Overdrive”

Cloud Returns Bigger Than Ever With “Overdrive”

Japanese rocker Cloud returns with powerful new track, “Overdrive.” It is a release that is sure to impress guitar enthusiasts and rock fans worldwide, and it is available to stream everywhere now!

Known for his unique approach to rock, Cloud continues to cement his spot in the modern rock songbook. Drawing inspiration from the greatest in the scene, “Overdrive” is an exhilarating blend of raw emotion and intense musicality. The single is a voyage of its own, blending screaming vocal deliveries with crunchy, distorted guitar riffs to create a wall of sound that is as compelling as it is energizing.

“Overdrive,” which has already amassed more than 100,000 Spotify streams since its arrival, proves Cloud’s guitar mastery and vocal power! The track channels pure energy and emotion into the listener and introduces a fresh dimension of rock that you will likely struggle to find elsewhere.

Since his emergence on the rock scene, Cloud has been celebrated for his innovative style and ability to evoke strong emotions through his music, and this one is no exception!

You can stream “Overdrive” now; don’t miss out!

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