Brian Lightning Unveils Debut Single ‘Pilot’ Showcasing His Magical Musical Talents

Brian Lightning Unveils Debut Single ‘Pilot’ Showcasing His Magical Musical Talents

‘Pilot’, the captivating debut single by Brian Lightning, makes a grand entrance! The mesmerizing new release highlights Brian’s profound connection with music, magic, and the stage and demonstrates his ability to transport listeners to a realm of ethereal melodies.

Brian Lightning’s musical journey began when he stumbled upon Morgan the Organ, a vintage Electone FE30 that would soon become the centrepiece of his creative expression. Brian recalls, “As soon as I had dragged it home and up the stairs to my room, I plugged it in, pushed four fingers into the keys randomly and created the opening note for Pilot.” This magnetic moment sparked a burst of creativity, leading Brian to craft a stage show within a week!

Recorded at the renowned MEGATONE Studios under the guidance of Mark Gittins, ‘Pilot’ showcases the exceptional talents of the following musicians: Brian Lightning (Ed Quigley) on Organ and Vocals, Max Fisher on Guitar, Huw Woodward on Drums, Joni Coyne on Backing Vocals. This formidable ensemble brings Brian’s visionary sound to life, seamlessly blending haunting intros, melodically catchy choruses, jangly guitars, soaring backing vocals, and the rhythmic pulse of a two-bit drum machine.

‘Pilot’ emerges as a quirky indie gem, showcasing Brian’s unique style and transporting listeners to a realm of dreamlike wonder. With its captivating blend of instruments, including electric guitar, bass, organs, drums, and the awe-inspiring vocals of Brian Lightning, the track immerses all in an ethereal soundscape. Also, the female backing harmonies further enrich the dreamy atmosphere, making ‘Pilot’ a musical experience unlike any other!

Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists such as Foxygen, Warmduscher, and Gorillaz, Brian Lightning has solidified his reputation as a captivating performer within Birmingham’s vibrant music scene. Also known for his diverse range of talents, including teaching dance, playing in multiple bands, organizing events, skateboarding, and DJing, Brian’s true prowess lies in his mastery of magic and ability to weave together spellbinding stories through meticulously crafted songs.

So, ready for some magic? ‘Pilot’ is out now!

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