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Breaking media news, in-depth analysis, features and opinion from and about the media industry from the industry itself, around the world.

News on News is an international source of media news and information.  It includes television networks, radio stations, print publications and news websites.

The site was launched by, and continues to be edited by Kevin Coy.

News on News launched as World Business News on September 20th 2007 by Kevin Coy, in the midst of the World Financial Crisis which was gripping the markets globally. Originally planned to be a site reporting on what the World’s business news channels were reporting, World Business News quickly developed into a news and information resource for the wider business media. Covering news and information about news and business television channels, radio stations, newspapers and websites, the scope of the website has expanded dramatically.

News on News has changed dramatically over its first decade online, going from a basic blog to a fully-fledged news outlet in its own right.  As the industry continues to dramatically change, News on News is at the forefront of covering those changes.

More information about News on News, its history and the people behind it is available from here.