BMG Production Music rolls out new website across Europe

BMG Production Music rolls out new website across Europe

BMG Production Music, the world’s fastest-growing production music company, has launched its new and vastly improved website, or BMGPM 2.0.

The site offers professionals the opportunity to search over 300,000 tracks for synch in their productions and is currently in its third and final stage of rollout across Europe.

Earlier this month UK clients were migrated over to the new site which is already in use by the PM business in APAC and the US. Clients include Netflix, Disney, ITV, BBC, FOX, EPIC Games, and more.

The development of the 2.0 site has seen a digital transformation for the business replacing the three previous search sites with one global platform, aligning user experience for our global partners.

“The new PM site is designed to the highest standard, is super-fast, and loaded with premium music. The functionality allows media creatives to intuitively identify the music they need and have it quickly downloaded and implemented into their films using cutting-edge search technology. Vicki Garton, the design team, and the development team have done an incredible job on a site that will support BMGs growth and alignment around our closet media clients.”Scott Doran, SVP Production Music

The website won the UX Design Award in 2022 for its holistic digital experience which focuses on usability, search optimization, and design.

With approximately 3000 client visits and delivery in excess of 200,000 downloads a month, BMGPM2.0 will be fully global by the end of 2023 with France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium going live over the coming months.

With over 560,000 tracks and counting, BMG’s award-winning new Production Music website is a one-stop shop for any project type.


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