Beacon Audiobooks To Release “Curtains on a Christmas Carol” By Author Luke Swanson

Beacon Audiobooks To Release "Curtains on a Christmas Carol" By Author Luke Swanson

It’s December in Tennant Park, Colorado, and that can only mean one thing: The annual production of “A Christmas Carol” is just around the corner. The cast is abuzz, full of community-theatre veterans and fresh-faced newcomers. All in this small mountain town is merry and bright.

That is, until Teena, one of the actors, makes a chilling discovery on opening night: Someone is going to murder Scrooge—or rather, the actor playing Scrooge—right on stage, in front of the entire audience. Everyone in the cast is a suspect. Can Teena crack the case, save Scrooge, and figure out who’s gonna do it…all while remembering her lines?

Beacon Audiobooks is releasing “Curtains on a Christmas Carol” written by author Luke Swanson and narrated by Marlin May.

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