Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Commonsense Medicine” By Author Lon Jones

Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Commonsense Medicine” By Author Lon Jones

“Commonsense Medicine” is a must-listen for everyone seeking to improve their health, understand why we get sick, and survive the next pandemic. Included are the secrets of how he invented Xlear and the personal reasons that drove him to find solutions for his family.
This is the new paradigm in medicine.

Dr. Jones shows us how to heal both ourselves and our society by applying the principles and strategies of great defense that he used to cure his granddaughter. He shows that we not only know what is wrong but also how to fix it by putting innovations in thought and technology under the umbrella of defense medicine. Humans are creatures of the societies and cultures they live within, and you cannot fix one without fixing the other. In his studies, he found out that we can do both at the same time through defense medicine.

Dr. Lon Jones is ready to start a revolution that may prevent the next pandemic through his practice of defense medicine. Defense medicine aids the body’s natural defenses against illness and deals with infection by shrewdly understanding how microbes adapt to and survive in their environment. Dr. Jones wants to end the medical war against them, which we continue to fight with ever more sophisticated and costly drugs and treatments because it is more profitable than his defense approach. This is the arms race we are losing, and the WHO estimates it will cost us 10 million lives annually by 2050. We need another option.

During his 50 years of practicing medicine, he has witnessed how profits set priorities and regulatory agencies stymie innovation. Early in the pandemic, he presented his Xlear nasal spray to the FDA and showed that it prevents infection and stops the coronavirus cold. The simple, effective, and easily affordable spray could have made a huge difference when we needed it most, but Dr. Jones got no help from the FDA or the pharmaceutical industry, and he fears that the reasons boil down to greed and industry domination of regulatory agencies, limiting the medicines that can get through the approval process, and excluding natural drugs like Xlear and its four simple ingredients.

The breakthrough point for Dr. Jones, a board-certified doctor of osteopathic medicine who gained a graduate degree in the history of science, came when he worked to find a treatment for his granddaughter’s chronic ear infections. His research led him to xylitol, the sugar alcohol known for its ability to prevent tooth decay. Dr. Jones discovered that it prevents ear infections, too.
It is a paradigm-changing brand of medicine that the world is ready for.

Dr. Jones is a retired, board-certified osteopathic family physician. All of his life, he has been interested in what works and has had plenty of experience with things that don’t. Before studying medicine, Dr. Jones spent six years in college and graduate school studying history, with a special interest in the history of science and ideas. He is confident that his background has influenced the way that he approaches health care and the practice of medicine. Inventor of Xlear. He lives in Texas, where he is a caregiver for his disabled wife.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Common Sense Medicine: Healing from the Inside Out and stopping the Next Pandemic” written by Lon Jones and narrated by Doug Greene.

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