Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Jonathan Foster Releases New Single “Star Lake”

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Jonathan Foster Releases New Single "Star Lake"

Redding, CA – July 3, 2024 – Jonathan Foster, the acclaimed folk-Americana artist, is thrilled to announce the release of his nostalgic new single, “Star Lake.” The song was meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bruce Turgon at After Hours Recorders in Redding, California.

“Star Lake” is a heartfelt ode to Foster’s birthplace, Star Lake, New York, where he was born in the smallest hospital in the state, a place where his mother also worked as a nurse. The song captures the essence of Foster’s childhood memories, set against the picturesque backdrop of an Adirondack lake that buzzed with life each summer. With lyrics that nod to timeless nursery rhymes like “Star Light, Star Bright” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Star Lake” is a melodic journey into the past, infused with a contemporary soundscape.

Joining Foster on this track are Mo Ford on lap steel guitar, John Hannaford on hand percussion, Bruce Turgon on bass guitar, with Foster himself providing acoustic guitar, autoharp, and vocals. The result is a rich, layered composition that evokes the warmth and vibrancy of summer.

“Star Lake” is accompanied by a visually stunning music video, featuring footage from Foster’s recent tours around Southern Oregon and Northern California. The video beautifully complements the song’s nostalgic feel, showcasing the scenic landscapes that inspire Foster’s music.

Jonathan Foster, originally from Cranberry Lake, New York, and now based in Redding, California, has been a prominent figure in the folk-Americana scene for over a decade. With six independent studio albums to his name, including his latest release “Roadside Attraction” (2023), and over 800 live performances across the U.S., Foster has captivated audiences nationwide with his storytelling and evocative lyrics.

His music reflects his rural upbringing, geographic wanderings, and profound love for the outdoors, drawing inspiration from legends like John Prine, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. Foster’s sound is a blend of traditional folk with modern Americana, characterized by his strong vocal presence and engaging acoustic performances.

“Foster gets some pretty phenomenal snapshots of how humans interact through his different lenses, in a sense, he has struck a brand-new chord.” – The Chronicle 1909

“The California based folk artist got his start as more of a rock ‘n’ roll kid, but through influences like John Prine and Bob Dylan, landed on a softer, more old-fashioned sound in his solo career. That career has led to a decade of cross-country tours and several albums – all presented with a palpable level of sincerity.” – Sandpoint Reader

Jonathan Foster plays a Martin HD28 six-string with Elixir nanoweb strings and breathes through Hohner Special 20 harmonicas, delivering a quintessential folk music experience. His performances resonate with audiences from coast to coast, from the Cascades to the Adirondacks.

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