25 AUGUST 2023 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, rising pop artist Ashley Kutcher releases the gut-wrenching new single “Matchbox.” Sweet and sad, the semi-acoustic track details how past insecurities can bleed into present relationships — and often leave deep scars. It follows her recent singles “Boy From Carolina” and “I Can’t Swim.” Stream BELOW via Darkroom/Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada.

“You talk a lot, I say a little,” Kutcher sings in her mesmerizing lilt. “If we were space, I’d be the middle and you’d be the corners holding us together.” She then makes a desperate plea on the chorus: “I don’t know who I am when I’m alone, don’t you know — you’re the only thing that’s ever felt close enough to home.” It’s a raw and unwavering illustration of the painful distance that can open up between people in relationships.

“’Matchbox’ is about sabotaging a relationship because of insecurity and past experiences,” Kutcher says of her emotional new single. “It’s about finding a good love but not being able to accept it. You feel like you don’t deserve it and in the end you will ruin everything.” The tearjerker is the first new release from the Maryland native since the equally affecting “Boy From Carolina” and “I Can’t Swim,” a potent exploration of rekindling romance following heartbreak — with the same person. It was preceded by “Everyone and No One.”

Prior to those tracks, Kutcher dropped her Survive My Own Mind EP, which featured the stripped-down “Love You More” — a streaming hit with more than 14 million streams on Spotify alone. The EP also contained the acoustic TikTok sensation “Nothing’s All the Time,” as well as the infectious “Emotionless.” Now, with “Matchbox,” Kutcher delves deep into complicated feelings and tells an all-too relatable story on her latest perfectly crafted pop anthem.

Universal Music Canada

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