Andrew Thoreen Unveils Heartfelt Rendition of The Shaggs’ “What Should I Do?”

Andrew Thoreen Unveils Heartfelt Rendition of The Shaggs' "What Should I Do?"

Noted artist and musician Andrew Thoreen has returned with a poignant cover of The Shaggs’ timeless classic, “What Should I Do?” This soul-stirring rendition features the remarkable talents of Minneapolis musicians Toby Ramaswamy on drums and Maddie Thies on bass and vocals, adding a new layer of depth and emotion to an already iconic song.

Originally penned by The Shaggs during the late 1960s and released on their 1969 album, “What Should I Do?” has long been regarded as a song that delves into the complex emotions following a teenage breakup. The lyrics paint a picture of a young girl struggling to come to terms with her feelings, torn between the pain of a tumultuous relationship and the enduring love she still holds.

However, Andrew Thoreen’s cover offers a fresh perspective, infusing the song with a deeper layer of meaning. Thoreen’s interpretation focuses not on a romantic relationship but rather on the dynamics of a close friendship that has soured due to deception and betrayal. His rendition explores themes of forgiveness, the struggle to reconcile with a friend’s transgressions, and the ultimate question, “What Should I Do?”

Incorporating his own personal experiences, Thoreen finds relevance in the lyrics as he contemplates the possibility of still loving someone who has wronged him deeply. The line “don’t tell me I still love him, ’cause I know that too” becomes a powerful statement on forgiveness and the potential to maintain affection for someone despite their shortcomings.

Thoreen’s take on “What Should I Do?” offers a moving exploration of the intricacies of human relationships and the difficult choices we face when confronted with the actions of those we care about. With Toby Ramaswamy’s skillful drumming and Maddie Thies’ haunting bass and vocal harmonies, this rendition is an emotional journey that touches the heart and soul.

Andrew Thoreen’s cover of “What Should I Do?” will only be available on YouTube until he completes the goal of covering all 12 songs off of the Shaggs album “Philosophy of the World” — then all the songs will be available to stream allowing listeners to immerse themselves in this emotionally charged album.

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